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Iceland- 10 Days On The Ring Road {episode 1}

 Iceland, Reykjavik, and The Golden Circle: Our journey began with three active days in Reykjavik and then on to the Golden Circle with our camper van. While in Reykjavik, we made sure to visit the usual tourist hot-spots such as The Solfar Sun Voyager and the local Lutheran Church Hallgrímskirkja. Since we traveled during the Easter holiday weekend, the bars were open round the clock and spirits were being poured in every direction (tip #1 come prepared to pay higher prices on booze). It was a festive weekend and we did our best to see as much as possible....

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Here’s to moving forward but never forgetting the lessons of yesteryear… One of our favorite times of the year is upon us. It’s a time of reflection, connection, and of course, a fantastic excuse for us to come up with yet another ridiculous family portrait (this one being inspired by the well-known Olan Mills Classic 80’s portrait). Alongside the portrait, we decided to give our Christmas card budget over to a few foundations that we strongly believe in. So not only are we able to share our Holiday wishes and latest portrait with our friends and family but we’re also able...

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An American Thanksgiving in Venice, Italy

A few years ago, we had the pleasure of traveling throughout Venice, Italy, during one of our favorite holidays- Thanksgiving! We adore Thanksgiving, adore food really, especially Italian food so this was going to be perfection. To celebrate, we headed out to the Rialto Market and gathered up the best feast our eyes could swallow. Our menu consisted of stuffed Moeche crab, NY strip steak, Gamberi Prawns, purple artichokes, a tomato basil pasta, salad, baguette, a wide variety of assorted meats and a charcuterie cheese plate. To compliment it all, we selected three local Italian wines. .        ....

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On The Go Travel Portraits, Cuba

Travel Portraits One of the biggest obstacles in travel photography is in documenting people, portraits. It’s intimidating, disruptive, and possibly expensive. It can often feel like we don’t have the right lens, filter, or strobe. Even if we have the right equipment, it’s rude to ask right? They don’t want to be bothered by a tourist with a camera. It’s because of these obstacles that many budding photographers often talk themselves out of shooting portraits and just go for the landscape. In my opinion, that’s a shame. The people are the landscape, the culture, the pride. They complete the...

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Total Solar Eclipse of 2017

The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Last weekend’s solar eclipse experience… where do I begin? Hands down one of the most magical moments I’ve ever experienced.  If it’s not on your bucket, it should be. My trip was decided two days prior to departure and I’m so glad it was. I don’t mind that we spent fifteen hours in a car racing to get there. Don’t mind that I only had seventeen hours to spend there once we arrived. I didn’t even mind the traffic we hit along the way. This was my first total solar eclipse experience and...

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How to View and Photograph A Total Solar Eclipse 2017

On August 21, 2017, the world will be united in a rare and amazing occasion… a total solar eclipse. This will be the first time in 99 years (since 1918!) that the sun and the moon will be perfectly aligned and it’s all going down in the US of A. Because of its path, this eclipse has been nicknamed “The Great American Eclipse.” It will be passing directly through the middle, from west to east, hitting Oregon first and South Carolina last. The duration of the eclipse will vary within the States. The longest duration will occur in St. Louis,...

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32 Tips On How To Save For Your Next Big Trip {part 2}

Be Sure To Read Part 1 Here Saving for your next vacation or wanderlust adventure can be a headache. Don’t let it be. There are a wide variety of baby steps you can take in order to bring ease to your travel savings plan. Below are another sixteen ways in which to do just that. This is part two of our 32 budgeting tips. Part one can be found HERE. Most of these strategies have been tested and approved by yours truly. If you take them seriously and go into these ideas with a strong will, they can have...

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32 Tips On How To Save For Your Next Big Trip {part 1}

Saving for your next vacation or wanderlust adventure can be a headache. Don’t let it be. There are a wide variety of baby steps you can take in order to bring ease to your travel savings plan. Below are sixteen ways in which to do just that. This is part one of TWO. Most of these strategies have been tested and approved by yours truly. If you take them seriously and go into these ideas with a strong will, they can have a gratifying payoff. 1. Withdraw Your Money, Never Exchange It’s that simple, bank cards/credit cards offer up the best...

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How To Use An ND Filter

24mm, 80 sec at f / 20, ISO 100 What Is An ND Filter? Neutral Density Filters are a fun way to take your photography to the next level. They lengthen your exposure time and highlight movement by reducing the amount of light that passes through the lens. Basically, the ND Filter is a thick, dark slice of glass that allows a photographer to experiment with time, exposure, movement, light, and depth of field. The effect allows you to blur movement, even at high noon, by leaving the shutter open for seconds to minutes at a time for each exposure....

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Kuku Campers, Iceland and The Ring Road

“Don’t worry be sexy!” ✌🏻️ These are just a few highlights from our Kuku Camper van adventures, all around Iceland’s epic Ring Road. Stay tuned for more specifics from this adventure, how to go and where to soak… We review it all! Iceland, Ring Road Departure= April Upon booking our trip to Iceland we knew it would hold some of the most magical landscapes we would ever see. So we chose to make our trip, a road trip. And as we researched, we realized that we craved a road trip of the camper van varietal. Our journey would take...

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How To Layer Up For Iceland, Women’s Edition

Women’s Clothing For Iceland: This year we made our way through Iceland, the land of “fire and ice.” We hiked amongst ice caps, Aurora Borealis, abundant lava flows, and geothermal pools, all while taking in the views from our mobile seat on the ring road. So we decided to put together a clothing pack list for women (as well as men) on what to bring with you when wandering through this cooler climate. Keep in mind, our departure time was in April, when the weather is just starting to warm up but it’s still a far cry from the warmer...

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Why Travel?

Why should I travel? If you’re asking yourself that question, you’ve probably been tempted recently, by the wanderlust travel Gods and it’s probably time to just do it. Jump in. Grab that next travel special by the balls and go, even if it’s local. Local “staycations” can offer up some of the best travel adventures and provide a new perspective on home surroundings. And if it’s a longer journey that you crave, you’d be amazed at the ways in which you can save.  So without further ado, let’s get started on the why…why do we think everyone should travel?...

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100 Best Travel Quotes for #wanderlust Inspiration

I love travel quotes, can’t get enough of them actually and you can usually find one standing alongside our Instagrams. Due to this love of quotes, I thought I’d share a few favorites. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so why not utilize both to help inspire. … 100 travel quotes at your service. I’ve read them all and have utilized most of them over the years. I’m happy to hand them down. If you have one that you love, that’s not on the list, please let us know! There’s always room for more. . 100 Of...

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Landscape Photography Gallery Showcase at The Gardens Of The World

“Horizons-” Our Landscape Photography Will Be On Display! I wanted to take a moment to announce that I’ve been invited to showcase a few of our landscapes and travel photography. They will be on display for a total of five weeks, from May 2nd – June 16th, at “The Gardens Of The World” in Thousand Oaks. There will be seventeen pieces in total, fourteen 16 x 20 luster prints, encased in 20 x 24-inch matte black and brown frames, with a glass protective layer and white mat. There will also be three panoramic luster prints, in 12 x 35-inch...

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St. Patricks Day Los Angeles, Things To Do

St. Patricks Day In Los Angeles: Too often I hear people stating that there’s nothing to do in Los Angeles for St. Patrick’s Day and I’m here to tell you that it’s completely untrue. While it is true that we don’t have nearly as many Irish immigrants as that of the east coast, Los Angeles does know how to throw a great party and what better excuse to celebrate than that of St. Patrick. Los Angeles is completely spread out however so our advice is to plan your festivities ahead and put safety first. No drinking and driving allowed....

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The Best Cuba Apps To Use For Offline Travel

Wifi is extremely hard to come by in Cuba. It’s controlled and regulated by the government and because of this, it can be hard to research your travel or navigate your way through the island. We’re so used to plugging into our smartphones, whether it be for our GPS, Wikipedia, or social media platforms that once we’re forced to turn it off, we can surely feel a little vulnerable. Fear not however!… There are a few options available, mainly through a variety of apps that have been designed to work offline. This makes it easy to navigate and retrieve...

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Landscape Photography In The Off-Season. Plan, Prep, Release.

Landscape Photography In The Off-Season. When traveling in the off-season, we are always aware of the risks: cooler weather, heavier storms, heavier luggage (due to cooler weather and heavier storms), businesses are often closed, and there is usually a completely different mood present for your landscape photography. The mood at these times is usually dark, dramatic, possibly spooky, and many times wet, cold, and with loads of fog. All that being said, it is often my favorite time for capture. It comes with less tourism and in my opinion, a greater sense of culture. You’ll be documenting a side of...

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Cuba, Varadero: Time-lapse Of A Storm

A Picnic And A Time-Lapse Varadero is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever laid my eyes on. Once you get a chance to walk it’s soft shores and swim amongst its warm currents, you realize that it very well could be the fountain of youth. You instantly feel young again as you play, splash and sing within Varadero’s expansive blue tub. Imagination rules here and we quickly felt it the moment we stepped in. The moment I saw Varadero’s beach, I knew I wanted to lapse it. I set up my tripod, my canon 5D Mark...

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The 10 Most Unique Restaurants In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is big, wide, and can be slightly overwhelming! I get it. I live here. I’m always finding new hot spots in Los Angeles and I’m consistently asked my opinion on them. Although we are often traveling to distant destinations, I wanted to also be sure to include our own city of Angeles as well, especially since a record-setting 45.5 million people visited Los Angeles last year! The list below is (in my humble opinion) some of the more interesting hot-spot restaurants that LA has to offer. They made the cut due to personality, concept, overall theme, and...

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Joshua Tree, Our Ultimate Staycation

Joshua Tree is one of our absolute fave places to go when it comes to a quick staycation. It’s close to Los Angeles (the closest National Park to us actually) and there’s a ton to do while you’re there. I always feel like a kid when I first land within its alien-like exterior. The landscape stretches out for miles, with thousands of rocks at hand, to climb whenever the mood strikes. And due to its unique desert terrain, the photographic opportunities are always abundant.  No tv, no phone, no internet. Just good ol’ conversation, stargazing, photography, hiking, and our...

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