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Favorite Backpacks For Day, Weekend, and Long Journey Backpacking

Throughout most of my adult life, I have spent my spare time either hiking, camping, backpacking, or traveling. I love it. My wife and I both do. I also work at REI, where I’ve been trained to fit backpacks for a variety of people and their journeys. The number one question that I receive is “Which brand of backpack is best?!” So, these are my top three answers to that very question… Breaking Down The Catagories Different adventures necessitate different backpacks. It’s important to find a pack that does the job correctly and with ease. And to break it all...

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How To Layer Up For Iceland, Men’s Edition

What To Wear For Iceland, Men’s Edition: This year we made our way through Iceland, the land of “fire and ice.” We hiked amongst ice caps, Aurora Borealis, abundant lava flows, and geothermal pools, all while taking in the views from our mobile seat on the ring road. So we decided to put together a clothing pack list for men (as well as women) on what to bring with you when wandering through this cooler climate. Keep in mind, our departure time was in April, when the weather is just starting to warm up but it’s still a far...

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Costa Rica, Five Cities On Our Must-See List

When we started planning our trip to Costa Rica, we had no idea what it would take. Costa Rica was a complete mystery to us. We knew we had two weeks, we knew we would be renting a car, driving that car cross country (1100 miles in total in the end) and doing our best to get a taste of the many different landscapes Costa Rica has to offer.  And the landscapes are extremely diverse, going from a grass hut on the beach to a lush rainforest filled with monkeys, unique birds, and exotic sounds. I don’t think one experience...

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Stillness Before Travel

It’s that time for us again! We’ve scheduled our year of travel and have started heading out for new adventures. This was the view from our plane today. I couldn’t help but reminisce  on a quote as we took it all in from  35,000 feet- “The clouds were building up now for the trade wind and he looked ahead and saw a flight of wild ducks etching themselves against the sky over the water, then blurring, then etching again and he knew no man was ever alone on the sea.”  -Ernest Hemingway Any ideas on where we might be heading?…...

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New York, Budgeting Tips

When traveling to Europe, we always stay in New York for a few days prior because, why the hell not? The jet-lag is less intense and who doesn’t love a great New York adventure, even if only for a few days. When going to Europe though, we’re usually on a tight budget. So how do you do New York on a dime? It’s one of the most expensive cities in the US!. Breath… It’s possible. Below are a few tips for helping you with the budget on your next New York adventure. Bring friends! The more the merrier right?...

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 All of the Have Scotch Will Travel images have been  brought to you by the Jen Castle Photography team.  Jen and Joe created this photography company ten years ago and are happily traveling abroad with them as well.

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