I drove a long time tonight.  Grabbed my journal and headed for height, only stopping where I knew I could watch the sunset in silence.  The ever famous Lookout Mountain was sun-kissed and faring well so it was the perfect place to meditate nearby. Below, I could see all of Los Angeles dipped within various shades of orange. I was happy to be out of the house, reflecting on all of the crazy that had recently gathered. Yes, this is a different kind of post, welcome to my cathartic Los Angeles staycation.

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In a nutshell, my grandmother had just passed away, as did an old friend and a newborn child that I had recently photographed. All in one week. Making this month a dizzying display of black suits, sad faces, and long lost friends. Wham. It was a lot. And there was absolutely nothing I could do. I couldn’t bring them back and then the memorials began. They took place within and just outside of Los Angeles and they all seemed to happen at once. My Gran’s funeral was the last of the three and I had been asked to speak at hers. Shortly after her service, I had had it.  We said our goodbyes, grabbed the left-over vegetable tray, a bottle of champagne, ordered a giant plate of buffalo wings, booked a local hotel and had ourselves a cathartic Los Angeles staycation.

Once in our room, we played music, shared photos, stories, and then, well it just got silly. After half a bottle of champagne and way too many wings, I put on my hat, sunglasses, one of my grandmothers gold embroidered skirts from Guatemala and began to jump on the hotel bed. I jumped lightly at first but due to the sudden rush and release of energy, the bed soon took on the role of a therapeutic trampoline. Some people go to a shooting range, some go running… We, jump on beds. Yep, Joe followed right behind me and we jumped until we both fell over in a wave of hair and laughter. I swear I could feel my Gran laughing right there beside us.  In fact, maybe all three of them were there. Why not?

los angeles, staycation, california, cathartic travel, travel blog, last minute travel

Afterwards, we headed to the hotel spa, hiked at sunset and sat for hours, gazing out at the Los Angeles skyline. The last month had indeed been a long and strange set of days. In the end, it’s important to do what you can to mourn and move on. A staycation was the perfect way to do that, to view things from an alternate perspective. Going home to the regular routine can often swallow us. Who needs that? By changing up our scenery, we were able to retrace our smiles and refocus on the good, the good that all of these lost souls once brought to our lives.

Long to the short, be sure to hold and snuggle up with those that you love. Keep them close and shower them with kisses. When the going gets rough, get out and staycation. ✌🏻️