About JEN: 

I like large cups of Cuban coffee, copious amounts of aged cheese, shallow blue beach waters, organic strawberry popsicles, fresh flowers, rainy days, rainy days with a glass of scotch, rainy days with a glass of scotch and a bowl of salt n vinegar chips… this could go on for paragraphs. My husband is my best friend (best travel companion ever!) and I’m completely addicted to my fur babies, all four of them! In 2008, after a fabulous year abroad and after a rock-solid mentorship, I then decided to pursue my own photography company, hence Jen Castle Photography was born. I’ve been the owner and lead photographer ten years since. Between documenting clients, I document the world with Have Scotch Will Travel.

About JOE:  

I like waking up, slowly and the ritual of making two cups of Cuban coffee for my wife and I. The excitement of planning and packing for a future trip. I love hanging with our critters (two cats and two dogs). Warm nights with a cold scotch by candlelight. Warm nights with a cold beer. There is nothing better than traveling with my best friend and sharing our stories once we get home. Jen and I love adventure and love meeting new people. Have Scotch will Travel is a dynamic way for us to reach out to like-minded travelers, share tips and explore with others.

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