Packing For Our Grand Canyon Hiking Adventure

Anytime we pack up and get ready to ship out, I always set aside time to meditate on what exactly is going into the bags. For this trip, we would be hiking the Grand Canyon. Our baggage would be one backpack each and our goal was to have it weight approximately 25 pounds each. Everything hiked in would have to be hiked out and the hike out would take twice the time. So with 6,860 miles in elevation and our route consisting of 17.3 miles in total, we knew we’d have to pack smart.

The plan of action was this: hike down, stay for 3 nights, hike in-between and then hike out. To divide our pounds up evenly, I usually end up taking the photo/video equipment while Joe takes on the tent and kitchen supplies. Lighter items such as the REI’s Passage 2 Tent, The Jetboil Portable Stove, or REIs Lumen bags are all great light-weight options to look into. In addition, it is so important to pack loads of snacks, electrolytes, water, and sun protection. Walking sticks also help to distribute some of the weight and always, always be sure to bring a first aid kit.

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Photography Equipment

As far as photography equipment goes, I try to keep it as simple as possible. I research my shot goals prior and base my lens choices on what I’m trying to capture. This round I only brought my Canon 5D Mark IV body, 2 lenses, trigger remote, tripod, GoPro, and a few small accessories. My primary goal for this trip would be wide shots of the canyon, a few time-lapses, and star trails. We also made sure to video various parts of our hike down, in order to share some tips on the terrain.

travel blog, backpacking, hiking, us travel, travel tips, packing, photography tips

The End Goal

Be smart. Have a plan. Pack as light as possible. I am consistently comparing other travel bags to my own, for this reason. I am always looking for new and inventive ways to pack. It’s one of the first things I ask other travelers actually. Getting to know someone’s choices in equipment gives you great insight into your future travel choices. Everyone has a different approach and every little bit matters when it comes to the weight, convenience, and the ease of your pack. According to the Grand Canyon’s National Park Service website, you should pack no more than a quarter of your body weight. So be smart about it. Have a plan. Weight out the items in your pack. Be exact. The more prep time you give before you leave, the smoother your adventures will be, leaving you to freely focus on what’s truly important… the views!